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Dracula Company Of Monsters 4. Dracula Company Of Monsters 6. Dracula Company Of Monsters 7. Dracula Company Of Monsters 8. However, this seems like a small fraction of the book. Instead it is really bogged down with a lot of repetitive and pointless information. The author, while somewhat sympathetic as he has had some hard things happen to him in his "The Killer Within" is supposed to be about the Carlo's ALS, and at times it is.

The author, while somewhat sympathetic as he has had some hard things happen to him in his life, comes across as an utter snob and there is tons of sophistication porn in the book -- he refuses to eat at restaurants with tourists, you hear about his every foodie meal did you know that seared octopus and chocolate is "amazing?

Apparently he lived in model-ville, because everyone he meets, as well as everyone eating around him, is always "amazingly attractive" or the like. He also talks about how, while most people with disabilities don't want to have sex, he does. Unfortunately, the good parts are hidden in a lot of overly repetitive stories and not so humble bragging. Feb 19, Georgiacyn rated it really liked it Shelves: biography-autobiography , true-crime.

Overall this was a good book. It was a bit on the busy side because it addresses Philip Carlo's experiences as a person childhood through adulthood, his development and accomplishments as an author, and his struggles with ALS. The chronology is anything but linear; it jumps around quite a bit. Inevitably, this leads to some repetition. Overall, Philip Carlo had a life that is very interesting to read about and this book, the first I've read by him, has inspired me to read some of his other Overall this was a good book.

Overall, Philip Carlo had a life that is very interesting to read about and this book, the first I've read by him, has inspired me to read some of his other books. A few minor annoyances were what came across as overall conceit, his tendency to reference everyone he ever met as a great friend, and some of his writing tendencies, such as beginning far to many sentences with, "In that Although this got somewhat repetitious, it reality the disease plays out that way, rather insidiously.

Overall, I would recommend this book. We all know that I am a huge true crime fan and Philip Carlo in my opinion is one of the best true crime writers. I am also a big supporter of finding a cure for neuromuscular diseases. Philip Carlo in this book brings us again face to face with some of the worst human killers on this earth but what he also does is takes us into his world, the world of ALS which is the worst neuromuscular disease there is Read More.

Feb 19, Dustin Mullen rated it it was ok. I read this out of respect to the author, but it is extremely repetitive. The only information that was worth reading is that, Mickey Rourke is tentatively attached to play Richard Kuklinski in a movie about "The Iceman". Feb 18, Timothy rated it really liked it. I've read everything Philip Carlo has written and am a huge fan. Knowing of his passing in , from ALS,made it depressing to read about how much pain and moral defeat he suffered at the hands of this awful disease.

Dec 24, Nancy marked it as to-read. I just won this book - but I'm not sure who from. It sounds very interesting - nonfiction - so I'm excited to read it. Apr 30, Michelle Dancer rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. A interesting and heart felt story. I now have to read all of Philip Carlo's books! RIP Dear Sir! Feb 16, Kim Taras rated it liked it. Philip Carlo was an amazing writer who wrote about a topic I love - serial killers. His book about the Night Stalker was so detailed and well written that I have friends who do not even normally read say how good it was.

This book dragged at times however it also was very insightful to a very serious disease, ALS. I did not know too much about it and I thought it was awfully brave for Philip to put down some embarrassing moments he had just to show how serious a disease it is.

Imagine not being Philip Carlo was an amazing writer who wrote about a topic I love - serial killers. Imagine not being able to scratch an itch, feed yourself, or living with the fear of falling day in and out. People call him conceited in this book but I see it as just the opposite. He was proud of his writing and he should have been, it is amazing.

He loved to write so much that even when he couldn't use his hands, he went on writing though an assistant who he adored. I found it inspiring that even though his disease made him very tired and he didn't always sleep well, he got up to write day in and out. He truly loved what he did. The one scary thing is that if someone with his kind of money and connections such as to Robert Dinero to get Iplex had this hard of a time with this disease, I would hate to know what someone with very little money and connections would have to go through. Nov 06, Stephanie rated it really liked it.

Carlo's title "The Killer Within", is actually a homonym.

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Not only has Mr. Carlos spent his life studying and writing about societies monsters, he was suffering from ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease", a cruel and horrific disease. Carlos's candid and unguarded way of writing makes this a difficult book to read in many ways.

The "Monsters" that he wrights about and their methods of killing is very disturbing. It isn't that I didn't know and realize Mr.

It isn't that I didn't know and realize that these animals are out there, but I don't need to take in the details of their actions. With full confidence I can say that I will not be reading another of his books. Now let me say though, that his candor of having ALS and his daily journey with it, is what kept me reading and has earned the four star rating from me. I came away from this book with a true respect for Mr. Carlos, in many ways. If you are able to stomach some of the content in this book, it is a very worthy read, just for this personal journey alone. Carlos lost his battle with ALS on November 8.

Sep 02, Rosie Pudsey rated it it was amazing. I liked this book. It was interesting hearing about the authors life. Ive read all his books so it was good to hear the story behind the author and what he had to endure during his life. Very well written. Oct 30, Julianne Angel rated it it was amazing. Great writer but sad inevitable ending. Writing, the ocean and New York. What an amazing man for the things he wrote about could not have been easy.

Sep 10, Jacque rated it it was amazing. This book was not at all what I thought it was going to be, but nonetheless I love this book for its brutal honesty. RIP Philip Carlo! Jul 05, Wglidden21yahoo. Brutal account of a struggle with ALS interestingly coupled with a life spent studying sadistic serial killers. Simply written heavy read. May 30, CC rated it really liked it Shelves: author.

Dec 26, Matt rated it it was ok. This is the second book I've read by Philip Carlo, the first The Ice Man was one of the best books I've ever read, but this was difficult to get through. I wanted to like it and did my best to get through it but it was a struggle! Apr 30, 3scoremiles10 rated it did not like it.